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  • According to The u7buy coins, the empty lavish villa is located in the exclusive Ribersborgsomradet area which is west of Malmo.

    Ibrahimovic's wife, Helena Seger, purchased the house in 2007 for a whopping £2.3m and then fixed it up for approximately £1.5m.

    We know that Ibrahimovic is one of the most deadly strikers in the sport so he has to get paid a lot. Ibrahimovic revealed in his autobiography that the offer he made for the mansion was one that the owner couldn't refuse.

    "We're here because you're living in our house," he wrote. "Take it as a joke if you want, but I'm serious. I'm going to buy this house. We'll make sure you're happy, but we're having it."

    More specifically the mansion includes five bedrooms, three bathrooms and a large swimming pool and a pool house.

    Ibrahimovic is expects to sell the property for the lowest £2.33m with hopes to make back the money he paid for for the mansion.

    The Swedish star now stays in a penthouse apartment in Paris where he spends most of his time playing for PSG. In addition to his lavish villa, the striker has several more properties all over the world such as New York City, Milan, Miami and
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