DDoS Attacks in Runescape

  • As a die-hard fan of Runescape, I am happy to spend my free time in Runescape and buy some Runescape Gold with my pocket money, but I can't stand the DDoS attacks in the game, that's really annoyed me! what will thing develops? When will we get a safe service?


    What is Jagex’s effort to fight against DDoS attacks?
    Based on the feedbacks from players, OSRS service was attacked by ddosers, which has led to greatly negative impact on players who lost many staffs in the game. To solve this problem, Jagex announced that they had been putting much effort in making safe network for players and will still improve the service. Besides, to protect players’ items from being attacked, they left kinder death mechanics in game so should you die during one of these attacks, you have a good chance of retrieving any lost items.



    Will Jagex give a rollback as compensation?
    Although Jagex promised to give a better service, players get sad with much items lost. Maybe it is not great wealth, but it is still unacceptable to innocently waste some money that can use to buy helpful rs gold in usual. Thus, a rollback is required by some players. But would it be possible?
    Most of players think that reset a stat is hard to do while a rollback is very easy to do. However, to response some players’ requirement for roll back months ago, Jagex John ever told that “don't have the ability to perform a controlled roll back”. It seems not so practical to ask for a rollback. Besides, rollback is “generally used to eradicate a problem that cannot be corrected by conventional methods”. While at the same time, someone thinks a rollback is very unlikely since it isn't Jagex’s fault. And as they have said they're working on it, it would be better to trust them and hope for the better looking forward.


    When can Jagex solve this problem?
    As Jagex said, there is still some way to go and work has been continuing to improve the network further, and now you should expect the attacks to continue in the short term. Thus it is pretty hard to say. They were getting dosed hard like a month or 2 back for a few days and then stopped up until they banned those players recently. A lot of people assume this problem is easily fixable when in reality it's not. Fortunately, ddos never be permanent, so let’s just hope they find a solution soon.


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