Ruenscape: Bone Burying

  • There are a few ways you can get prayer experience. You can get prayer experience by killing monsters and picking up their bones then burying them. Another way, exclusive to members, is by burning the remains of Shades. Some quests will reward a player with prayer experience. One last way, also for members only, is by killing Ghasts.


    Bone Burying
    When you kill monsters in RuneScape you will usually get a set of bones. To bury bones you must have picked them up so that they are in your inventory. Then you can either right click on the bones and select "Bury" or simply left click them.


    Different types of bones give different experience values. Unlike other skills there is no prayer requirement for burying different bones, so no matter what your level is you can bury any types of bones you like.



    Long Bones and Curved Bones
    Long bones and curved bones can be obtained by any monster who drops big bones. If you take Long bones and curved bones to Barlak in Dorgesh-Kaan, he will pay you and give you construction xp for them if your construction level is over 30. (1000gp and 1500xp for long bones, 2000gp and 3000xp for curved bones)


    Shade Burning (Members Only)
    The burning of the shades at Mort'ton is rather slow prayer experience, but you can get cool rewards by using the keys that appear after burning shades. By burning the remains of shades at the dungeon in Mort'ton you can gain both prayer and firemaking experience.


    If you kill Ghasts in Mort Myre Swamp, you can get 30 prayer experience per Ghast killed. You must have completed the Nature Spirit quest to get the necessary equipment.


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