Runescape: Ranging Weapons

  • Do you know there are how many Ranging weapons in Runescape? Have you ever bought weapons with your RS Gold? And how do you feel about the weapons, is it powerful?


    Below is some basic categories of Ranging weapons:


    Regular Bows
    There are several different kinds of bows you can choose from, some better then others. To attain a bow you can buy one from a archery store, or if you are a member, you can fletch them if your fletching level is high enough. Each bow type is only strong enough to use up to and including a certain type of metal arrow as shown below.


    Crystal Bow
    To attain the Crystal Bow, you must have finished the Roving Elves quest, which is a quest for members. Once you have done the quest, the next thing you need to equip the bow is a level 70 range and 50 agility. To buy the bow you have to pay 900,000gp.



    The Crystal Bow is like no other bow in RuneScape; it is a very powerful range weapon. One thing that is unique about the Crystal Bow is that it uses no arrows. So how does it do damage? Well, it has 2500 shots. Once the 2500 shots are used, the bow will revert to seed, and you must to recharge in Tirannwn. The bow also has ten phases it goes through. As you go through more stages, your bow will get weaker and weaker. To check what phase your bow is in just put your mouse pointer over it and it will tell you.


    There are twelve types of crossbows available in RuneScape, only two of which are available for free players (the normal crossbow and the phoenix crossbow). The phoenix crossbow is available from the Phoenix Gang's weapon stores, which you can get into using a key you obtained during the Shield of Arrav quest. The other is available in most ranged stores, such as Lowe's in Varrock. The advantage they have is that they are one-handed, unlike normal bows, and as such can be wielded with a shield. The Dorgeshuun crossbow is obtained upon completion of the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest.


    There are six types of javelins, all of which are member items. There are Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, and Rune Javelins. These replace the RuneScape Classic Spear, which is now a close-range weapon. You can use weapon poison on it.


    Throwing Knives
    These also are for members only; there are seven types of knives that you can throw at enemies with remarkable speed. Just like arrows, they are stackable. You can use weapon poison on them; in addition, you can equip a shield when using them.


    Throwing Axes
    These are like Throwing Knives, except you cannot use weapon poison on it. They also give a range bonus when equipped and are for members only.


    Throwing Dart
    To be able to smith darts, you must have completed the The Tourist Trap quest - you are able to use them prior to doing the quest. They are similar to throwing knives; you can use weapon poison on it, and are for members only.


    Chinchompas can be attained through Box Trapping, a form of Hunting. These are combustible and explode when they hit their target. They have short, medium and long fuses that can be changed to give a greater chance at hitting a target. For example a long fuse has a greater chance of hitting a target further away.


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