The Emotes in Runescape

  • Emotes are a nifty feature. You can make your character perform various actions and poses by simply clicking your desired emote. And if you are willing to pay some RS Gold, you would have some special emotes in the game, which looks cool and different with others.


    Activate one by clicking on its image in your Emote menu, accessed by clicking on the waving man icon.


    The image displayed in each spot is the emote activated when clicking it. You can also hover the mouse over the image for a tooltip to appear displaying the name of the emote. Coloured emotes are ones you have unlocked, while grey emotes are ones you haven't unlocked. Emotes are also split up into different groups and are as follows: All, All (unlocked), Greetings, Conversation, Dance, Feelings, Mime, Zombie, Holiday, Achievements, Weather, Treasure Trail, Loyalty




    Holiday emotes were issued at the following events:
    "Scared" Halloween 2005 or 2006
    "Rabbit Hop" Easter 2006, 2007, or 2008
    "Zombie Hand" Halloween 2007
    "Snowman Dance" Christmas 2007
    "Egg Transform" Easter 2008
    "Trick" Halloween 2008
    "Freeze" Christmas 2008
    "Give Thanks" Thanksgiving 2008
    "Around the World in Eggty Days" Easter 2009
    "Dramatic Point" Christmas 2009
    "Puppet Master" Halloween 2010
    "Seal of Approval" Christmas 2010
    "Invoke Spring" Easter 2011
    "Living on Borrowed time" Halloween 2011
    "Chaotic Cookery" Christmas 2011



    The "Love at First Sight" and "Jealous Rage" emotes were unlocked in celebration of Valentines Day 2013 by using 1,750 Valentine hearts for each emote.


    Read about holiday events in our Holiday and Rare items guide.


    The emotes from Iffie in Varrock are obtained after purchasing a piece of the mime and zombie outfit respectively.


    The "air guitar" emote can only be obtained after unlocking 500 pieces of music.


    The "faint" emote can only be obtained after completing a certain court case.
    The "skill cape" emote is reserved for members wearing Achievement Capes or certain Capes of Distinction.


    To do the "Egg Transform" emote, you must wear and operate your chocatrice cape gained from the event.


    The "Taskmaster" emote can only be obtained after completing all the Tasks.
    The buyable emotes are bought with loyalty points.