Fifa fifa 15 coins might have found its perfect partner

  • But in Qatar, it seems as though Fifa fifa 15 coins might have found its perfect partner in unethical behaviour. They’re so well matched, in fact, that they’re probably enacting a rom-com montage together as we speak; skipping through meadows, having pillow fights with sacks of money, tying women to trainlines and then twirling their moustaches and then high-fiving each other. That sort of thing.

    So, it would be a shame if Fifa suddenly had to sever its connection to Qatar. And it really might. After all, that seems like the logical thing to conclude, based on Fifa’s decision to investigate the arrests of the four BBC journalists caught trespassing on a worker-accommodation compound.

    Because Fifa investigations are profoundly rigorous, aren’t they? It took 18 months for it to fully investigate allegations of corruption following the successful Qatari World Cup bid, and it needed every single day of that to collate 430 pages of evidence, bin nine-tenths of it and then exonerate itself to the dismay of the chief investigator. The man hours that must have gone into sieving the investigation for reputation-saving nuggets of semi-fact alone must be evidence of Fifa’s dedication.