Lane Boots - Fashionable Cowgirl Boots

  • Lane Boots was established with the goal of breaking free from convention in 2007, designing fashionable cowgirl boots that are renowned for their unique designs and intricate stitched details. Lane's latest collection will not make a statement!

    These olive green shorties are a must-have wardrobe item. Perfect for either boho or cowgirl styles, pair them with jeans or dresses to create a chic, effortless look that never goes out of style!

    About Lane Boots

    Lane boots are created for fashion-conscious cowgirls looking for striking designs that stand out. Justine Lord who is the president of Lane Boots, reports that thousands of her fans feel confident when they put on her designs - something Justine feels very personally about making them by hand at their factory in Leon, Mexico, opened in 2013. Additionally, Lane Boots produces styles for other brands, including Double D Ranchwear and Junk Gypsies.

    The leather pieces are cut with metal cutters and an automated cutting machine that is computerized, however each pair of Lane Boots is finished by hand. Workers apply leather on the last and insole to create their unique fit as well as adding decorative embellishments such as studs or inlays for Lane Boots. After stitching, they employ more than twenty steps in stitching everything together, before adding heels lemon wood pegs or tacks as finishing touches to their masterpiece!

    The final product is the result of Lane Boots' labor of love reflects traditional western styles and is brimming with anticipation and unbeatable quality. Their merchandising team sources new trends, colors, and other details that are fresh and exciting, before incorporating the same into their collections including traditional English riding styles with touches of bling embroidery trend-driven with Lane Boots' Spring 2016 collection.


    Lane Boots pride themselves on standing out, and that is certainly the case since their inception in 2007. Their slogan encapsulates their mission They love being unique! Their boots cater to the modern-day fashionable Western wear lover, offering striking design that stands out among the traditional Western footwear offerings.

    Not mass produced, these cowboy boots are made by hand by skilled artisans at Lane Boots' factory in Leon, Mexico using traditional methods, as well as modern equipment. By shaping each piece of leather with metal dies as well as an automated cutting device, their staff meticulously creates the perfect shape for its use, before applying inlays and studding, before stitching it up for final stitching.

    Shoes produced at Lane Boots are first sanded down, stained with the company's trademark turquoise hue, and later decorated with studs and trims made of metal to create that distinctive Lane style.

    Lane Boots has grown beyond being sold under their own brand name, and is now manufacturing boots for other brands such as Double D Ranchwear and Kippys in addition to working on a product for Junk Gypsies (a popular boho lifestyle brand). In addition, the company is expanding their retail presence by opening stores all across America--one such location being Arlington TX which houses an extensive collection of fashionable statement boots by Lane Boots.


    Boots are made of various materials including leather, which is an extremely popular choices due to its durability and softness, as well as its water resistance. Other popular options include nylon, suede and rubber which serve different functions for cold weather usage or work outdoors.

    There are various styles of boots on the market today that range from ankle-length to over-the-thigh shoes, based on your individual needs and style preferences. Ankle-length boots are better suited to warmer climates, or for strolling through the city, whereas over-the-thigh booties are ideal for working outside.

    Material selection plays an important part in the performance and comfort of footwear. Leather is a classic option made of soft, but durable leather that offers high levels of comfort to feet. Rubber provides waterproof protection while suede offers soft, velvety cushioning beneath feet.

    Many boots are constructed of a combination of materials to suit different needs and aesthetic preferences. For instance, some have wool lining for warmth and insulation. Likewise, lightweight nylon materials can be added for ventilation purposes.


    Make sure your shoes look pristine by following a few easy rules. First, regularly wiping or brushing off any dust or dirt can prevent tiny fibers that keep leather supple from being snuffed out by dirt. Next, for smooth-finish leather boots, regularly apply leather conditioner and then test small portions to ensure it does not alter or alter its finish. Then, apply a protectant spray or beeswax against rain and snow using products available at most stores for shoes. Follow the directions on the labels!

    Rough-finish leathers like suede and nubuck need to be regularly maintained using a soft bristled brush as well as a clean cloth, as well as regular conditioning treatments to maintain their durable water repellent (DWR) finish. Resoling boots with waterproofing treatment that are made of waxes can hinder future sole bonds from adhering successfully.

    Lane Boots takes great satisfaction in knowing that their fashion-savvy fans report feeling at ease and even happy wearing their boots due to the craftsmanship and attention to detail - something the president Justine Lord noted as evidence that Lanes go beyond mere cowboy boots!