Three Nature Remedies For Sunburn Peeling


    No one would possibly hate spending a summer day having a lovely sun bathing by the seaside. Yes, it is enjoyable, but wait a minute, exposing skin to sunlight for too long is not a very smart act! An over-exposing of sunlight will greatly damage skin and dehydrate skin, causing sunburn peeling on skin.

    Of course sunscreen and other professional skin care products can help to prevent and heal the problem of sunburn peeling. But to make it easier and more natural, three quick remedies from nature can be used.

    1. Aloe vera

    Go to the balcony and cut aloe vera leaves and directly apply them onto the skin peeling areas. This really helps. This easy-to-see and easy-to-get plant contains substances that can fight against inflammation(like pimples on face and skin redness) and oxidation on skin, soothing and treating sunburn at the same time.

    2. Baking soda

    Still consider baking soda as something only works for cuisine making? Time to change! With a sunburn peeling, go to the kitchen and grab a packet of baking soda and mix it with cool water. Use it to wet a cloth or cotton pat and apply it onto the peeling area.

    3. Yogurt

    In addition to drinking, the cooling substances in yogurt can cool down the burning sensation of sunburn areas. Just use a spoon to dig out a spoon of yogurt and daub it over the damaged areas. For better effect, a bottle of unsweetened, full-fat yogurt from refrigerator would be really nice.