Makeup For Brown Eyes? Check Out These Celebrities


    Many people think that brown is one of the most tiresome, boring and uninteresting colors when compared with other bright colors. And there aren’t many surprising and unexpected makeup looks for people with brown eyes. Well, this thought is totally the opposite of correct. As a matter of fact, brown is the most neutral color that can go along pretty well with other colors among all those eye colors out there. Still not buying this? Take a look at how the celebrities do a makeup for brown eyes.

    Jennifer Lopez
    When someone has no dark brown-colored eyes, only light brown. Then learn the lesson from J.Lo. In fact, for those lighter brown-colored eyes, a smoky makeup is the perfect makeup idea. The key point of this makeup is to use eye makeup in warm tones in order to work as a complementation. The warm colors like chocolate brown, gold, honey and caramel can lift up the warmth of a pair of light brown-colored eyes.

    Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian has dark brown eyes and black hair. For people like her, it would be better to use eye makeup that is not so warm. Coolness is the key for dark brown eyes. Colors like silver and grey can add coolness into the whole makeup and make her look sharp. Also cool toned colors can make the dark brown eyes look illuminating.

    Leighton Meester
    For people who have extremely dark brown eyes or almost black eyes like Leighton Meester, blush could be of help. Use pink or rosy colored blush to apply onto the apples of the cheekbones. In this way, the dark brown-colored eyes can be accentuated, drawing more attention to the eyes.
    Stop being upset for having brown eyes. Brown eyes can also enjoy amazing makeup looks. Still not sure what fits best? Go to local beauty shop and ask for free beauty samples to see what kind of products and makeup styles suits best.