FIFA 16 coins President Blatter Announce Resignation

  • FIFA 16 coins held an emergency conference. Blatter announced to resigned from FIFA President. Blatter said his reason of resignation is that he hasn’t gotten the support from the people and he wanted FIFA to elect a new President as soon as possible.
    Background of the event´╝Ü
    Swiss law enforcement raided baal's hotel in Zurichand arrested several FIFA officials on 27th May. They will be accused of fraud, money laundering and tax evasion and other charges by United States Department of Justice. At that time, FIFA fell into an unprecedented crisis. Most of UEFA officials thought Blatter should shoulder the responsibility for poor management, but Blatter decided to attend President election to seek re-election.

    In cheap FIFA coins general election on May 30, Blatter defeated Prince Ali to be re-elected as President, to serve until 2019. But he suddenly announced resignation only after four days. This FIFA conference was announced temporarily to hold. The meeting that scheduled to be held at Beijing time 0:00 on 3rd June has been delayed for 45 minutes. It was said that the crony of Blatter was still trying to persuade him.

    After Blatter resigned, various medias such as BBC and ESPN stated that he is accepting the investigation of FBI formally.