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    A source says before Heather Locklear's 911 phone call last week for an overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol, she and former fiance, Jack Wagner, had some physical violence between them. In the newest issue of Star, an insider tells the magazine it all started when Wagner returned to her Sherman Oaks, CA home on January 12th to return some of her things. The two exchanged insults about each other's families and it got worse from there..

    Unfortunately, the overclocking utility was a big hassle. Instead of adjusting the FSB clock speed during operation, the system simply crashed. MSI now only overclocks the front side bus automatically when the "optimized" performance mode is selected in the BIOS.

    BJ and his team fail, and he spends the next 14 years in an asylum with a head injury. The game picks up in Poland in 1960, where the Nazis control everything and the world lives in fear. The USA surrendered long ago. Here we have the D3D properties window that adjusts the settings per application. I personally was annoyed by this but it can have its advantage for when you need to set certain things on or off on a given application. I still feel there should be a general tab for a universal setting..

    Unfortunately, the GPU market seems to be correcting itself, not going wildly off kilter as many have stated passionately. Before the release of AMD's (then ATI's) 48xx series cards, a top of the line GPU easily ran in the neighborhood of $500 $600. While we as gamers have enjoyed a golden age of GPU bargains, those days may be at a close.

    This week's patch to the live game was a small one, and involved a change to the Deserter debuff. This debuff is applied whenever a player "deserts" an arena or rated battleground, or leaves a battleground before the match is over. The debuff now lasts five minutes (down from 20 minutes), but will be reapplied for five additional minutes if someone keeps deserting arenas or battlegrounds within a 20 minute window..

    There are some who think that the Aqir are/were Silithids, and not a different race at all. The are a race of humanoid birds native to Outland. They have brightly feathered bodies in a veritable rainbow of colors, hooked beaks, clawed hands, taloned feet, and an erectile crest of feathers on their heads..

    Connector housing with female terminals. For reference, the connector is Molex part number 39 01 2040, and the terminals are part number 5556. This is the same style of connector as the ATX Main power connector, except with fewer pins.. You can also 'rewind' a saved game if you want to revisit or change a choice you made, but be aware that there is seldom a 'perfect win win' choice. The Walking Dead is all about hard choices, and yours will be equally hard. Choices you make can and will directly affect your relationships with other characters.

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