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  • RSorder work for us: Make Videos for RSorder and Get Paid by runescape 2007 gold from Industry experts say Petronas will focus in 2015 on selecting the winning bid for a crucial phase called engineering, procurement, construction and commission. I'm confused: given that there's no more data available to add pixels, why digitally scale up (removing some high frequency information in the process, unless there's something exceptionally clever going on) to fill the 1080 pixels of the image, then stick an additional anamorphic (expensive and complicated, and probably not quite as high quality as a "normal" lens) lens in front of the existing optical elements? What does this gain you that sticking a bog standard wide angle lens on the front of the projector oldschool runescape gold (and putting a couple of bits of cardboard over the borders if your projector has a poor black point) doesn't?.

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    1. Make a video, whose description is required to include, RS gold on RSorder, OSRS gold on RSorder, other transformations.

    2. Post it on YouTube and send the link to Work for RSorder Live Help. If you don't have a YouTube account, you can send your video via email to, and we will post it for you.


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    All details:

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