When the decreased prince Arthas way up to now

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    Ms. Vashj was a beautiful night time elves, the War with the Ancients, she has been the maid regarding Queen Azshara extended. Tyrande politely rejected the invitation regarding Queen Azshara.

    However loyal Vashj can't easily forget the particular invitation of Queen's, this memory has changed into a torture for the girl, her priestess considered to compete with their particular competitors Queen's favour.

    Sylvanas Windrunner has been the ranger-general regarding Silvermoon. Now she has changed into a celebrity Dark Girl, leader of the particular Forsaken.

    When the decreased prince Arthas way up to now, Sylvanas led individuals struggling to withstand, but ultimately did not stop the wicked death knight to be able to enter the identify of Silver Metropolis.

    Maiev Shadowsong, which Elune priestess, but in addition the leader regarding Rye, Illidan jailer. Being a watcher, she provides superb hunting and also assassination techniques.