FIFA 16 should include Brazilian teams

  • Today, we have been announcing that 16 Brazilian teams will probably be available in FIFA of sixteen. The teams with traditional crests and club brands are, Ava, Coritiba, Chapecoense, Cruzeiro, Figueirense, Fluminense, Grêmio, Internacional, Joinville, Ponte Preta, Palmeiras, Santos, Sao Paulo, and also Vasco da Gama. With launch, the 16 Brazilian teams will be with authentic crests and also kits. Updated player names and visuals will be needing an online* update when of course, if available.
    "We have worked to create perfect experience for FIFA followers in Brazil and around the globe to include Brazilian clubs, ” said Jonathan Harris, Brazilian Manager, EA. “We know FIFA fans love having fun with Brazilian players and teams throughout the game, so adding 16 golf clubs is positive news for many fans. ”
    All Brazilian teams inside FIFA 16 are available in other World team menu and will also be playable in most video game modes. In Career Function, players on Brazilian clubs will probably be available in the exchange database for when fans desire to acquire them for their particular campaign. In FIFA Best Team?, players on Brazilian Clubs can be available after fans acknowledge and download the update when of course, if available.