Cendet Moult Care for Quick Completion

  • Like all other types of birds, they will also experience a period of fur / moult, at that time the damaged and dry feathers will be replaced by new feathers. When the sandalwood enters the first moult, the sandalwood will be quiet more often, it can become very spoiled and often the cendet becomes fierce. So that the proper care of moult is needed so that the bird passes the moult process completely completely, without drastically changing the character of the sandalwood bird. Here are tips for cendet bird care when mingling. cendet mabung macet bunyi

    When moult, the sandalwood will use most of its energy to drop damaged fur and replace it with new, strong and shiny feathers. At this time, sandalwood birds need to undergo periods of calm, security and comfort, because cendet moults are fierce and need special cendet mabung first care.

    Disorders that occur during mabung can make the sandalwood experience a condition commonly called mabung stress, as a result birds can experience prolonged congestion or moult. Many examples of where birds experience mabung very long, even after moult performance decreases considerably compared to the period before moult. mp3 kicau murai batu full isian

    Many cendet bird owners are proud to say, the gacon remains moncer although the feathers begin to fall out (a sign of starting to moult). But a few months later or until the next mourning, his achievements were not as great as they once were.

    That's why we as owners must be able to recognize the signs of birds willing to save, and immediately provide proper care for moult. Whatever the reason for competing sandalwood birds at the beginning of mabung (feathers start to fall out) and the end of moult that has not been completed (fur is still wet) is not recommended for long-term interests. harga lovebird biola 2019