Mitt Romney win is unfolding and could be larger


    Denver's "Wings Over the Rockies" air museum was the site for a gathering of 2,500 hard-core political junkies Saturday afternoon. Karl Rove, "the Architect," sat between radio host Mike Gallagher and myself and answered inside baseball questions for 90 minutes.

    Seven observations from the extraordinarily candid conversation, the video of which will be available at's "Tipsheet" blog.

    First, Rove believes a Mitt Romney win is unfolding and could be larger than expected. Not 1980 big, but big. The president is stuck at 47 percent, a sign of doom for incumbents that even the best turnout machine cannot overcome.

    Next, the president's mishandling of the events in Benghazi was scandalous, an obvious, terrible failure of leadership, compounded by the callous decision of the president to head off to Nevada and Colorado on campaign events in its immediate aftermath.

    Third, Mitt Romney was right not to "prosecute the case" about the president's terrible failure with regards to Benghazi, but to leave it to others and even eventually the mainstream media to do so. So great is the failure that it cannot help but come out. Its toll on the president's standing is already large and growing.

    Fourth, Ohio will go GOP, and the Romney campaign is handling the state's incredibly complicated politics very, very well.

    Fifth, though Romney and groups supporting him and Paul Ryan will spend approximately $1.3 billion in the cycle, the president and his allies will top that number by 200 million. No matter, as the dollars were adequate to the task.