5 fashion bloggers I rely on for most of my wardrobe

  • A brief summary of my fashion journey:

    Teens and early 20s — I was good at hunting down bargains, putting together cool outfits and shopping on a budget. I took time to read fashion magazines and adapt them to my style and budget. Shopping was fun!

    Late 20s — I had my first baby. Didn’t buy clothes for, like, two years, except the one time I walked into Nordstrom, looked at a mannequin and said “I’ll take her outfit.”

    Early 30s — Had my second baby. Relied on Christmas presents from my mom and sisters for wardrobe additions. Rarely saw the inside of a store.

    Late 30s — Had my third baby. Realized all my clothes were from 1996 and signed up for Stitch Fix. Wore whatever they sent me.

    40 — After my eleventy billionth maxi dress arrived, I decided Stitch Fix was not for me and began exploring all these fashion bloggers that were coming across my Facebook feed.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone? The total lack of time for shopping and putting together creative outfits? I mean, I could only wear my old Alpha Phi sweatshirt for like two decades before I realized I was getting seriously out of date. Stitch Fix was a nice Band-Aid, but I didn’t really love most of what they were sending — I just wore it because it was better than what I had.

    But when these gals below somehow found their way into my Facebook feed, and included actual links to items that were ON SALE and already styled and paired together, I was like THANK YOU JESUS!

    I know they make some money from my purchase but I really feel like the service they are giving me — creating an outfit that’s cute, on sale (usually), and available in one click is priceless. And they do it from stores I can afford, so it’s easy on the pocketbook.

    Kilee is actually from my neck of the woods, but I’ve never met her. I like to think we’d be friends. I found her first through her jewelry company, Nickel and Suede. (Note: her earrings are seriously breaking the internet they are so popular. I adore them.) But she runs a little fashion blog on the side and I love that she pushes my boundaries and is a little edgier than me. I think we are close to the same age but she is way cooler than me, and my hope is if I dress like her, I have a fighting chance at cool. Because of her I found my way back to Abercrombie this year, which I never thought I would do. Also, she’s pregnant right now so it’s cool to watch her do “maternity” fashion in a new and improved way.

    A sweet gal named Jessica runs this blog, and I don’t even actually know what she looks like! She rarely shows her face, but she is the QUEEN of finding cute things at Target and Old Navy. She is more classic than most bloggers, so everything she picks is pretty timeless. And she probably finds the best deals of anyone.

    This blog has exploded in the past year and I often spot regular people on the streets wearing something I got from her and know it’s 100 percent likely they did too. A sweet gal named Erin runs this blog and she is the goddess of all things Nordstrom. Girl highlights the best markdowns from Nordie’s and because she’s gotten so popular you have to JUMP on them before they’re gone. Lately I have been missing her deals but I forgive her because some of my best buys have come straight from her pages. I turn to her especially at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale time because she navigates through all the crap so I don’t have to.

    I’ve been a fan of Melanie’s blog for a long time. She’s focused a bit more on fitness apparel lately as she and her husband opened a gym, but I am a huge fan of her picks for dressy items. If I have a party to go to, hers is the first blog I check because she’s definitely got a dress or romper or cool pantsuit thing I can hunt down. She is fantastic at finding unique pieces that will make me feel special at a big event. And she’s even better at telling you how to accessorize with them.

    This is actually a home décor blog, but she’s been so successful that she’s branched out a bit. And let me tell you her eye for clothing is just as good as her eye for design. I always love everything she’s wearing so when she links to it I generally just say “I’ll take it ALL!”Read more at:prom dresses london | prom dresses 2017