Wood wall panels Applications

  • Use environmentally friendly wall board could make the building look more beautiful, more natural. He's texture and color design more in line with modern people's pursuit of natural beauty. Wall panels withstand sun and rain sure to have antiseptic function, and wood the same plastic wall panels can be used in harsh environments. not pollute the environment and can be recycled, is the ideal green decoration materials.

    1. stunning visual effects, comfortable and enjoy nature

    composite pontoon decking appearance with wood texture design, with simple natural beauty, variety of different colors. Other quality can be combined with the use of wall decoration materials, a combination of a great variety of styles, gives a perfect visual enjoyment.

    2. Anti-aging, excellent weathering performance, long service life

    inexpensive outdoor flooring using a highly efficient, long-lasting UV stabilizer consisting of special composite materials, anti-aging, anti-radiation, can withstand all kinds of weather, under the influence of natural weathering can look as new, obviates the scraping mottled off, repaint renovation and other troubles, so that once and for all your maintenance since then, the service life of up to two years or more.