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  • And there it is, the reason I decided I ok with just staying single. Can handle the fact that everyone feels runescape gold uncomfortable with being asked out when they don want to be. Everyone takes it so seriously and I am not attractive so my odds are always really low that the results will be positive. I guess I can imagine that anyone would even look at me that way so why should I waste my breath and lose a friend when I could just be single for good and not have this issue.

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    He like the epitome of self aware clickbait. He knows exactly what he doing and yet somehow people like his content? I really don get it. When someone randomly pointed out his "photography" you can google it I sure you see what I referring to. it all made sense and my hesitations were validated.

    With the current situation of casters it's looking like for sure Kobe and Papa, and then one of those other two in Phreak or Flowers. Flowers is the hype man of the new Gen but phreak is the og hype man from day one. The classic bo5 long cast where by the end the hoarseness it coming and the hype is flowing. I would like to see flowers for the new blood hype plus the skill, but if Phreak goes I think he could make it extremely hype,

    idk try to lead lb in cs by pushing wave and harass coz her waveclear isn good and she has very long cooldownsespecially if it goes to 5 gamesOnce she used her W or E there a long window that she can do anything. If you don stand within her Q range she needs to use W to close the gap and land E. Which gives you more window to react and outplay.

    fun fact misconception (updated below): when measuring the iron content of spinach, there was a misplaced decimal point leading to a result 10x higher than the real amount of iron. People thought the stuff was a miracle and it got a very good reputation because of that. Then they found the error and had to correct. It still very healthy, but not as insanely healthy as previously thought

    Him being left at home for play offs was enough to show this and yet people are still asking for him to be subbed in saying he worked for it. It true he worked to get to world but if he isn playing play offs then he sure as Fuck isn playing worlds.Heimerdinger shows how "meta" is an overrated construct. Under perfect play one could talk about meta, meaning best possible teamcomps, but realistically teams are far away from optimal play so it rather unimportant and what they consider meta, might be simply be wrong.

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