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    Of the Damned (rated M, $60 on Xbox 360 or PS3) [review]: I pretty much said everything I had to say about this game in my review, but I reiterate. is the kind of game that be a fun diversion if you the sort of person who likes original worlds, stylish backdrops, cracking soundtracks and smart writing. The gameplay, though, isn really anything we haven seen before.

    I don't know about paleontologists, but astronomers are investing serious time and effort to build on children's fascination with the universe. Probably the most successful program of this kind is "Universe Awareness" (UNAWE), aimed at bringing astronomy to children aged 4 to 10 and in particular to children in underprivileged communities. To help teachers and educators bring astronomy to their kindergarten and elementary school classrooms, UNAWE created a teaching kit: "Universe in a Box," with materials for over 40 age appropriate astronomy related activities.

    EDIT: this game is for everyone, don't let their toxicity dissuade you! No one is born with innate knowledge of WoW mechanics or button mashing skills we all get here from practice. There are some toxic jerks in the community who think they are God and can do no wrong, and you're sadly likely to run into them in a PuG environment. But there's loads more amazing people who play. And you will absolutely improve with practice and time :)

    In the demo, we saw E and Caddoc arrive in a largely deserted town, where the residents had all been hauled off by the Wargar, an example of which appears above. From there, we watched the inXile chaps venture into a dungeon in search of the townspeople, fighting off baddies along the way.

    Sheppard took the lead on lap 10, but then was out manoeuvered by Danny Johnson on lap 15. On a restart a few laps later, Billy Decker moved into contention for third, with the top three staying in that formation for four more rides around the clay oval. A few more changes among those leading the pack until about lap 80, when Sheppard moved into the lead and held it until the checkered flag. Moise Page and Delormier broke off from the pack after a lap three restart, getting into some traffic by the halfway mark of the race. Delormier skills were put to use as he held the lead until the finish, with Page in second and Ricky Thompson in third.

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