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    Back to Swtor Low Level Flashpoints Or Not

    Differences in bonus bosses

    In the current level 60 flashpoints, some of the bonus bosses are tricky, but once you learn the mechanics, it is a piece of cake. Differently, in the old low level Flashpoints, there were some impressive challenges, like Lost Island, which was harder than other FPs, but amazing.

    Differences in rewards

    The old Flashpoints could still drop say 192 left side pieces or maybe bracers and belt set pieces and have some really cool extremely rare decorations, especially in Lost Island, which dropped better gear and some cool vanities. It should be a lost to nerf it for Swtor.

    Read More: http://www.swtor2credits.com/news/back-to-swtor-low-level-flashpoints-with-cheap-swtor-credits-or-not/

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