What To Expect From The Upcoming Electronic Art Inc. FIFA 16

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    Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) is about to release FIFA 16 within days. The latest edition of the simulation soccer video game will be the twenty-third title in the FIFA series. It will be the fourth title in the series, to feature Lionel Messi as the athlete who adorns its cover. FIFA 16 will make a first in the series; as female athletes and women's football clubs, will make their maiden appearance in the video game.

    EA has a whole host of other features in store for its latest offering. FIFA 16 boasts better animations, improved gameplay, better skills and an overall smoother experience, in the upcoming title. One notable feature, is that players' facial features, physical attributes as well as their reactions, will be closer to reality than in earlier versions of the game. Whether its the joy of victory, disappointment over a missed shot on goal or the frustration of injuries; players will now appear closer to their appearances in real life. Offense and defense systems will also incorporate many of the improvements suggested by fans of the game.

    Among other notable upgrades is the introduction of the Swing Step Defender option which lets users pin defenders to skilled attackers. This is expected to enhance balance in the game. It also allows defenders to easily make the transition, as the attacker they mark, moves from one flank to the other. If the other team steals the ball in midfield; the defenders will move positions quickly to react.

    FIFA 16 will also upgrade the http://www.fifachampion.com Slide Tackle feature, with new animations and context; as players can now recover from a slide tackle to take possession of the ball. The game’s midfield has also been upgraded such that two players are able to interact simultaneously. Better interception logic has also been introduced to give it a more realistic experience. FIFA 16 will also allow gamers to make quick passes, from anywhere on the field. A new dribble technique; called No Touch Dribble, is also new to the game. It ties into skilled attackers who use body swerves and feints to dodge defenders. Players can use this feint in one direction and leave the ball behind; then return to get past even the most skilled defenders. FIFA 16 will be released on September 22 in North America for all major consoles.