Buy the Best Electrical Wire Online From EWCS and Save Money

  • What is electrical wire? A string of copper or aluminum metal inside a plastic cover, right? Right. That’s exactly what electrical wire is; but there’s more to the story … much more.

    The folks at Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists (EWCS) know there’s a lot more to wire than just a string and some plastic. They engineer their wire products to perform a multitude of tasks and to perform those tasks consistently over a long period of time. And the name of the company uses the word “specialists” and that is an accurate description because EWCS not only engineers high quality wire, they engineer over a hundred different types of wires and cables.

    Ever since 1994, EWCS has been engineering and manufacturing the finest wire and cable products available on the market. From the beginning, the engineers understood for their company to be successful they had to produce the best products, otherwise, the customers wouldn’t keep buying their products and the company wouldn’t be around long.

    Twenty-five years later, it appears the engineers knew exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. Since the beginning, only the highest grade metals and materials went into manufacturing all the electrical wire products EWCS sells. From heavy duty, large-gauge industrial wire that is capable of handling 600 volts down to tiny, electronic wiring able to sense the tiniest of electrical impulses for scientific experiments, EWCS has been working hand-in-hand with their customers to provide the finest wire products while at the same time providing first-class customer support.

    Using high grade copper and aluminum means EWCS’ wire and cable products don’t crack and break like a lot of their competitor’s products. Cracking diminishes electrical signal strength and can lead to a break in the line. A break in an electrical line can not only short out the equipment it’s a part of, it can also cause a spark and fire. It doesn’t make sense to take those kinds of risks and after twenty-five years, EWCS’ customers know and trust the products the company manufactures. They know the products meet and exceed specifications and that’s why so many customers have placed EWCS’ electrical wire and cable products into thousands of projects, boats, repairs, and upgrades.

    Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists do more to take care of their customers than manufacturing superior electrical equipment; they treat their customers to low Factory Direct Prices. Everyone from the company accountant to the CEO likes the idea of saving money on high-value products and that’s what happens when their company purchases wire and cable products from EWCS. In addition to the low prices is the Free Shipping EWCS offers on orders of $40 or more. And on top of that they also offer what no one else in the industry can offer their customers: EWCS’ excellent customer support team. Customers can go to the website at and use the inquiry form on the contact page to get questions answered or to submit large quantity orders and receive additional discounts. Customers can also send an email to or they can speak directly with a customer support professional by calling 800-262-1598 between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday Central Standard Time.

    It turns out there is a lot more to wire than just some metal string inside a plastic cover; there’s Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists and that’s a lot!