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  • Sourcing e liquids can be a difficult part of your job as a vape shop owner or an equal challenge to a team of procurement specialists. No matter the size of the operation, customer tastes in and perceptions of e liquids can be one of the most rapidly shifting elements of vape culture. For every steadfast classic player in the market, there are twice as many flavors, blends, and brands that hit the spotlight and come in and out of favor with dazzling speed. That makes it a matter of paramount importance that when you trust in a wholesaler to keep your vape business in stock with the flavors and blends that you and your customers demand. For wholesale e liquid, Kingdom Vapor is that supplier, and for many reasons.



    The first and foremost reason is their selection. Kingdom Vapor keeps a more than impressive stock of the most popular, best selling e liquids. Moreover, they are quick to introduce new and popular players into their line up. Their keen attention to customer demand and market shifts means that when there is a new blend or brand on the scene and it’s drawing vaper attention, you will be sure to find it at Kingdom Vapor. At Kingdom Vapor you will find not only steadfast fan favorites like King Of The Cloud, Keep It 100, and The One, but you’ll be finding constant new additions to the ranks such as Ohm Caps, Rounds and the Sweet Collection. In addition to favorites such as these, Kingdom Vapor carries its own proprietary line of e liquids in popular flavors such as cherry danish and vanilla. As if this were not enough, Kingdom Vapor has been attentive to the market and stocks many customer favorite nicotine salts on top of their e liquids. Trusting in Kingdom Vapor as your wholesale e liquid supplier will also keep you in stock with Sodium Good, Elysian and Fresh Farm salts. With Kingdom Vapor, there is no such thing as resting on laurels. Ever in attention to the market and to customer tastes, Kingdom Vapor is constantly adding new additions to their roster of liquids to keep their customers happy.


    On top of their excellent selection and the availability of e liquids that Kingdom Vapor brings its customers, and not to mention their amazing pricing, partnering with Kingdom Vapor will bring you an advocate and a trusted partner. The same factors that drive the changes in tastes of e liquids affect other areas of the industry as well and Kingdom Vapor is an uncontested expert in the arena. When you have questions about customer tastes, changes in technology, new blends, flavors and trends, you can trust the experts at Kingdom Vapor to lay everything out for you and give their advice and opinions. That’s because for over ten years Kingdom Vapor has relied on its uncontested acumen to be the best wholesale supplier in the vape business and they’ve done just that. So the next time you go to stock new flavors, head to

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