Head to Kingdom Vapor for Your Wholesale E Cig Supplies

  • Managing sales forecasts, anticipating customer demands, tracking changes in technology and the introduction of new products to the market: All these and more are on the plates of those who aspire to run a vape shop. That isn’t to mention regulations, balancing budgets, and every other new responsibility which simply comes with running or managing a business. On top of the ordinary, there are the nuances pertinent specifically to the vaping scene, such as the aforementioned changes in technology and changes in customer perceptions. All these and more can be easily managed, if not effectively corralled into a business plan or model, with the help of a supply chain partner that works as hard to keep ahead of the curves in the road as you do. That being the case, Kingdom Vapor is the partner you’ve been looking for. For nearly a decade they have supported their retail partners in the vaping business and have relied upon and compounded their expertise and experience in the industry to be the top shelf wholesale partner that they are. For their peerless selection and unrivalled understanding of the market, there simply is no better seller from which to source your wholesale e cig supplies.



    First and foremost, Kingdom Vapor has what you need and at some of the best prices around. From devices to e liquids and everything in between, Kingdom Vapor is the first and last place you’ll need to go to keep your vape shop thriving. Whether your customers run on the old school single button mouth to lung vape pens or crave a mod that features full controls of temperature, resistance, power and more, Kingdom Vapor has it all. From simple vape pen e cigs to high tech mods with multiple features to customizable kits, Kingdom Vapor is at the ready. Of course you’ll also need the e liquids that your customer crave, and Kingdom Vapor’s catalog is not lacking either. The best part is in the selection. You won’t find just one or two hot selling choices that keeps Kingdom Vapor in the black. No, they have everything from top selling Sad Boy and Ripe Collection e liquids to new additions like Ohm Caps and Rounds. Of course, they also sell popular nicotine salts for those who appreciate the economy and potency of nicotine salts. On top of that, they have their own lineup of e liquids in popular flavors like Cherry and Vanilla.


    Again, that’s not all. Your customers will come to you for mods and e liquids, but for wholesale e cig supplies there can be no rival to Kingdom Vapor. They also carry accessories for vapers who do their own rebuilds and customizations. With tanks, coils, atomizers, and drip tips, the sky is the limit for those who create their own vaping experience. That, and you’ll find every accessory you or your customers could want at Kingdom Vapor. So when the time comes to fill or restock your shelves, make a switch you’ll be glad for and contact the reps at www.kingdomvapor.com. It’s a choice you’ll be glad you made.

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  • daniel lee
    daniel lee Thanks for the offer, I just checked it and found a really huge assortment wow! I tried many many different vaping brands and came to conclusion that nothing can't be even compared with US manufacturers, my latest purhase is a puff bar...  more
    August 30, 2019