Laying plastic floor Precautions

  • Plastic floor membrane characteristics obviously, is covering a larger area, because eliminating a lot of work in the construction joints laying process, so it's laying effort,high density plastic flooring outdoor than plastic floor laying floor tiles more convenient. In selecting the adhesive of claim sticky plastic shop floor is not critical, and in general the viscosity of the adhesive the same flooring. Sometimes in order to take into account the plastic membrane covering the floor area is relatively large, less seams, adhesives used more, you can also use slightly less expensive adhesive, the effect is the same as well. In the sticky plastic shop floor membrane, it should roll were filed simultaneously by multiple people, and then follow the pre-drawn line down one side first, then slowly down along the lines of, if not careful in the process of placing the the plastic flooring roll put out of the way, should immediately set off to re-adjust to continue the above steps.home and garden free park bench plans When the coil is placed plastic floor, and then use a rubber roller compacted gradually from the middle to both sides, the grass-roots level and air pressure to go directly to the web, you can also use a large rubber hammer to knock from the middle to both sides. Roll at the seams, the least overlap 20mm, center line drawn after the line with a ruler to hold him down,[url=]flooring materials for exterior terraces[/url] once cut with a tool to disconnect the plastic membrane removed. Follow the above steps after laying plastic floor membrane laid on the completion, after which the conservation should be about three days, and then you can use. The resources come from: