Device configuration requirements PVC WPC production line

  • PVC wood-plastic production line mainly consists of extruder, wood template for mold, cooling and molding die (four), mold temperature, traction machine, cutting machine, crusher, mill, mixer components. Here we talk about the configuration requirements for several key equipment.waterproof deck tile

    An extrusion machine requirements: a pair of wood powders, resins and additives to achieve good dispersion and infiltration;. 2. Good mixing function, single shear force can not be too high; 3. accurate and sensitive temperature control system; 4. good exhaust system, dehydration devolatilization, the article no bubbles; Material hot body plastics processing equipment parts 5. well, screw, barrel, etc. have sufficient wear resistance and service material for deck

    Second, wood mold requirements: 1. Wood special racks channel design 2. No 3. dead accurate material control and accurate temperature control

    Third, the mixer requirements: a paddle structure must meet mixed, mixed in the pot without dead ends and configure more reasonable drain means; 2 reliable temperature control accuracy of the material temperature of collection points and temperature control device 3. Configuring dust and dehumidifying devices.composite white horse fence