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  • ll of Wang Fei suddenly remembering Bigfoot headed towards the opponents' goal, the ball flew directly over the other side of the opponents go supra owen cheap  al all players.Final, Potsdam Turbine 4:1 after beating their Danish Brondby won the championship, Wang Fei also with outstanding performance won the best goalkeeper. Turbine Potsdam League runner-up last season, currently ranked third, behind Wolfsburg and Bayern 4 points and 2 points, Wang Fei is expected to win the league at the end of the season. Two days of the regular season-ending joy and sorrowTwo nights ago, CBA regular season final round ended, the eight teams into the playoffs has the outcome. In addition to Guangdong, Liaoning and other teams ahead, but after a few competition is fierce, and ultimately the league failed to make the largest investment in Xinjiang Basketball playoffs, broke the biggest upset CBA history.Guangdong road back to the title raceSince the 2011-2012 season, lost the championship loss to Beijing, Guangdong men's basketball team that is not better than the day, quite kind of "Get the lead out" feeling. But this season, the Guangdong team once again return to the ranks of the championship in the past, the team's veteran who also like the glow of a second spring in general. Throughout the season 34 wins and 4 losses impressive record is the best proof of the strength in basketball circles asked around, which team won the championship of the most promising  Get answers to the most is the Guangdong team.In fact, in the mid of the regular season, the Guangdong team also suffered a 

    period of instability in the period, but after a new small foreign aid Bynum came to the team, they back the feeling of winning. Bynum integration is excellent, as the team's "brain," he and Yi Jianlian cooperation will become a beautiful memory CBA history. With such a combination as a guarantee, the Guangdong team lineup can be said to reach the highest point in recent years, every player can play its role in the field.Liaoning blockbuster performanceBefore the Guangdong team to get the regular season championship, the Liaoning team maintained a very long first seat, the second half was more than Guangdong though so they lost the regular-season championship, but they will still be the largest in Guangdong men's basketball team in the title race on the road "stumbling block."Mediocre last seaso nike free run 3 mensn Liaoning team why this season, "blockbuster"  CBA this season, began to implement the distal single foreign aid system, this system is the biggest beneficiary of Liaoning men's basketball team, they have a Han Dejun, Guo Allan Li Xiaoxu, HE-day move, Yang Ming and other Lord of the country's top player of the luxurious combination of domestic and strength The number of domestic players, so they have been for many years in the transportation of personnel to other teams. In the introduction of foreign aid, the CBA had success before Hudson became the Liaoning team "booster" biting the score at crucial moments, he can always play a decisive role.Liaoning team the past two seasons, did not succeed in a big reason is that injuries this season, almost no injuries in the

     attack, which makes Liaoning Han Dejun, "Lord," Hudson "outside the home", shooters gathered lineup and play extremely stable, which has become the key to the strength and record this season, Liaoning leaps and bounds.Xinjiang into the most unexpected person outBefore this season starts, if you let the experts to predict which of these teams can enter the ranks of the championship, I believe everyone will count a team in Xinjiang.Early in the season they would move into the Blache and Crawford first two NBA-level players in the domestic line, and the already considerable strength they got was Shanghai "abandoned" as the starting point guard Liu Wei reinforcing the weakest link in the team. "Big devil" Zhou Qi join is so inherently accumulation Tang, Su Wei and other players inside power  nike free 6.0 cheap   surge.Everything is in toward the established goal, but no one thought would be the final out of the Xinjiang team, they eventually ranked No. 9, missed the playoffs.If you use one word to sum up the Xinjiang team problems, and that is "chaos." Xinjiang team has yet to sign the coach before the start of the league before allowing no coaching experience CBA Gao Min took the tree, to Jiangsu and they lost a few pieces of continuous weak strength of the team only after your backThe original coach Wan-Jun Cui, but all too late, Wan-Jun Cui did not have time to adjust into a mess of a team. Guoping "through Suzhou" Trials World Championships yesterday in Zhenjiang started to compete for the first day of competition, because zhigenzhidi each other, players fight not