technical but more cunning

  • technical but more cunning. "Through Suzhou" into a popular variety show "The Brain", which is reasonable thing, because the team has been competing Guoping than the Olympics, World Cup, the competition fierce, and ultimately be able to get "straight" tickets, That i nike free 4.0 v3 cheaps the real deal master.Zhang Jike suffered ridicule stimulated admitted losing body unresponsiveLast night, Zhang Division attended the CCTV Sports Personality annual awards ceremony held in Beijing. Zhang Bin called a site moderator quips, just opening, Zhang Jike is "unfortunate" become the object of ridicule - Introducing Award nomination for best male athlete of Zhang Jike, the Bin joked, "I hope not ZhangJiKe mood today exposed, because the scene is no billboards. "After last year's World Cup victory over Malone won the men's singles champion, Zhang Jike kick bad courtside advertising board, give vent to his excitement. I could make this kick Zhang Jike suffered terribly, not only to win the prize money was confiscated ITTF, he still was head coach Liu Guoliang Guoping harsh criticism, can be said to throw good money after bad, this is really what Bin pot which does not open the pot.Finally heal the wounds opened again, you can not over fate of Zhang Jike. Yesterday's game, the opponent is 19-year-old Zhang Jike teenager Liangjing Kun, had we all thought it was a battle no suspense, but the end result can be ZhangJiKe 1: 3 lost.In an interview after the game, Zhang Jike admitted from Beijing to Zhenjiang, some are not rushing to make their own state, "the number of social activities had an 

    impact on me, in fact, technology can be, but a little slow physical reactions of some."Yesterday the men's first round knockout in 2014 between the domestic standings before 8 players to start, eight by knockout draw, in addition to losing Liangjing Kun Zhang Jike outside Hao Shuai defeated Malone, Xu Xin defeated yet Kun Yan Fan Zhendong and Ann also contest the last laugh. Today will be the semi-finals and finals of the competition, the final winner will get tickets to Suzhou World Championships singles.Ultra-tech Olympics Guoping always so "willful"Internet has been a saying: From a technical content, the intensity of competition, etc., each Guoping squad trials, have nike free 4.0 flyknit sale more exciting than the Olympics, World Cup, the contest. Jinling Evening News in an interview with reporters, Jiangsu table tennis team head coach Jinlu Fang expressed endorsed, "Guoping team's strength are out there, and foreign truly be called powerful, over and over again on the Boer, Aoqialuofu those few, so like 'Straight Suzhou' this game, almost represents the highest level of world table tennis. "Although the squad trials, but the players go fight each other, often can spell anger come. Of course, because the long-term with training, technical aspects we have no secrets, you want to have the last laugh in this game, more or rely on the brain. "Some of the strain and adjust the spot, which is very important to me and this is a way you play, the next time you run into another look. And other team players to play, we can also in technology, There are some tactical arrangements, fi

    ght against each other to see who eye a little more alive. "Jinlu Fang said.CCTV broadcast the audience to join Liu Guoliang still hopes to better point2006 "through Bremen" is born, the transparent and fair trials suddenly attracted everyone's attention, CCTV broadcast live, so Guoping players staged a return to reality show, fans also interesting to see. Since then, "through Zagreb", "through Moscow," "through Rotterdam"  to this year's "straight Suzhou", "through" Race has become a traditional event Guoping.This is a "pass-through" third race was held in Zhenjiang, although yesterday was working, but there is still a lot of fans buying tickets to watch. In addition, nike free 3.0 v5 saleccording Jinling Evening News reporter learned that there are some loyal fans waited at the front of the hotel stay Guoping, hope and Zhang Jike, Malone and other idols up close. Of course, once known as "ping-pong channel" CCTV sports channel will not miss this opportunity, from today until Friday, they live every day of the race.The audience to join in, CCTV has to face, but Liu Guoliang still hopes to better points. It is reported that during this tournament, Guoping will be a theme of the forum, which focused on how to make Guoping team, how to get a better development of the sport of table tennis and so on. Yesterday, according to British media, "Daily Mail" statistics on the latest release of the world's per capita annual income rankings Football League players, the Premier League as a player per capita annual income of about £ 2.27 million global ranking first place; Super League