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  • d on the evening of February 1, the annual CBA twenties played really is not the same game, the degree of complexity and brutal battle for playoff spot rare in recent years, the male hormone appreciate overflowing, domestic Coach comprehensive matured, in a word, more and more 20-year-old CBA "manly" the. Yangzi Evening News reporter Yong DiaoHormones overflowing playoff ba  nike roshe run cheapttleXinjiang was hit by 65% winning percentage eliminatedUntil the last minute of the regular season all ended, the eight playoff teams to fully produce concrete and ranking of each team's playoff against the situation was completely OK.Teams in the regular season 4-7 with 27 wins, 11 losses, CBA history of unprecedented fierce battle for position can be seen. In previous years, the strength of the CBA league seems clear, fight to the final rounds of the regular season, ranking basically decided, the teams have entered the training status. But this year, there may be few teams again this time for such pursuits, because the season is too intense competition for rankings. Take the Guangdong team, although they are in the House to take half of the league record 26-game winning streak, but also ahead of a regular-season championship was locked up, it's all because of the Liaoning team is always behind in hot pursuit , coveted the throne of the regular season. Superior strength of the Guangdong team are so nervous, not to mention all the other teams.Beijing team in the regular season, the penultimate two before setting the location of their first four, but the next 5-7 qualifying, remaining 

    in the league round of the situation is still uncertain. Final Jilin, Shanxi, mansions which three teams while riding on the win, their record tied the Beijing team, four teams have 27 wins, 11 losses, can only be determined by calculating the ranking record four teams played against each other in the small hours, This is the first time appeared on the CBA history. Dongguan Xinjiang compete for the final playoff spot in a war, and even extended to the final battle of the second half, the situation also appears repeatedly. Dongguan team of the regular season last year, the list of the Top 4, last minute adventure ashore; and last season's runner-up team in Xinjiang this year, missed the last eight after the generous direct investment, up 65.8 percent winning percentage change is still not back to a playoff spot, playoff against the situation until the final round of the dust has settled after the end of this year  this is unprecedented fierce CBA regular season.Select aid still pubertyMadman do not score very "impulse"The current CBA foreign aid in the selection of the teams, most caught in a misunderstanding, and that is the requirement for foreign aid over a single, the only criterion is supra skytop cheap to ask foreign aid super score, and the ball must be based aid. Only in this way can be used as the launching point of attack, attract double teams to teammates. Instead those defensive team coordinate type, type of pitcher foreign aid, in the CBA league can not long survive.It is in foreign aid "score is king" under the guidance of thinking, teams invariably introduced a super attack foreign aid in the CBA formed a technical statistical standings sweeping trend. 38 regular season cruised all seven individual statistics, scores, three, rebound

    s, assists, steals data which five were the first name of foreign aid accounted for only blocked shots and dunk king became the local players' plots. " In the scoring on a former 30 were actually only a domestic player Yi Jianlian this figure.This season, scoring a total of 35 three foreign aid, which occupy the top two scoring Mike Krum Zhejiang and Chongqing Warren. Two segments since the regular season began a fierce battle scoring. Warren nine games scoring 50 goals, including four consecutive games record of 50 set a new CBA; while Mike Krum 50 sessions despite limited, but 40 performances abound, January 30 the penultimate round of the regular season, and more is rewritten under the H-82 points CBA single-game individual scoring record. Such aid is completely dominated by the league, has been a complete departure from the original intention of the CBA league development.Domestic coach Finish "rite""Bring together" three generations of leading the trendCBA's brightest local players all show future generatio  supra owen salens than many local coaches also competing Zheng-hui, showing echelon bring together representatives of each outstanding trend.After Jiang Xingquan guidance in semi-retirement, domestic coach Li Chunjiang was undoubtedly the most senior. He continued to coach this season, Zhejiang Guangsha brought a qualitative change for this shake-up of the team. Over the past few years, the mansions of local power reserve is weak, especially on the offensive end is almost entirely dependent on foreign aid and China Taiwan two players Lawrence Lam, local players