Her high-powered arsenal and specialized ammunition

  • Her high-powered arsenal and specialized ammunition make her a distinctive addition towards the combat roster found amongst players. En Masse Entertainment has stated to stay tuned inside the coming weeks to learn more about the gunner, including when she’ll be officially making her way into the experience.
    In the meantime, if you’re a Tera Gold player and possess a PlayStation Plus subscription, make sure you take advantage of the latest TERA pack that has been made available recently specifically for PlayStation Plus subscribers. In it, players may find:
        Shadowmare (shown above) – a spectral mount using a Movement Speed of 280;
        a Blue Baseball Cap; and
        15 times of elite status, which include special account benefits Tera Items for example double XP and fast travel. (Seriously, fast travel would be the only way to go.)
    TERA is obtainable now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.