PUBG Is Looking to Add Paid DLC Crates, and Players Aren’t Happ

  • With over five million units sold, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may be the top-selling game of 2017 (until now). Its success has surprised many, none over its South Korean development studio, Bluehole.
    This financial success has allowed Bluehole to get itself, adding new staff to your more than 150 person team, and consider progression of other games inside the meantime. It’s been an enormous boon for Tera Gold just a studio which have only modest expectations for the experience, and previously only agreed to be known for that 2011 MMO titled TERA.
    But apparently it’s just about satisfied. Recently revealed is surely an upcoming crate system that may allow players to start special crates that includes a selection of vanity items, including jackets, pants, shoes, and accessories. The idea is always that players will likely be able to customize their characters having an assortment of items awarded randomly.
    In a method similar to Dota 2 and Tera Items Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, these crates will drop for all those players. Though, people that choose to open up them requires a key charging $2.50. Bluehole intends to use this money to aid fund its ambition to create PUBG a common eSports title with tournaments hosting large prize pools.