New TERA Console Update Adds Gunner Class

  • Bluehole Studio have updated MMO TERA having a new class for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
    The new update brings with it a brand new playable class, the Gunner (which previously was published for the PC version). The Tank based class specializes in big damage Tera Gold which hits a wide area, and placing turrets and constructs to address alongside.
    To celebrate the experience also has several time-exclusive events, as North America publisher En Masse Entertainment explains:
    The team at En Masse is celebrating the launch with the gunner with many special events and challenges:
        Starting today all night through July 8, players will get one free additional Character Slot upon their first-time join to TERA which they are able to use to build a gunner (or any one Cheap Tera Gold eleven character classes).
        Through July 22, gunners unlock special rewards while they level-up. If players manage to have all the strategy to level 65, they’ll unlock an upmarket costume and weapon skin for gunner!
        The first gunner to arrive at level 65 on each server can even earn its own achievement and “Cutting Edge” title.