accordance with standard

  • accordance with standard oil and gas recovery, and for oil gas storage, gas station owners or operators punished by 10,000 -50,000, increased to 20 000 -10 10,000; for tanker , tank car owner or operator of the 3,000 -1 penalty Wan, also increased to 10 000 -5 million.Bill, petroleum, chemical, and other production and use of organic solvents shall establish a system leak detection and repair. Inike air max 2015 release date  f the violation to be sentenced to two to 200,000 fine. In the vote draft, fines decreased, down 10,000 -10 million.Part 3 acts NA "consecutive daily fines."Reporters noted that the vote draft adds three cases will not be punished in accordance with the original amount of consecutive daily fines. Including "sales do not meet the required standards of bulk coal and briquette," "on both sides of the city primary and secondary roads, residential areas or parks, management and maintenance of other units within the green area designated outdoor barbecue grill food", "open burning straw, built-up areas in the city leaves open burning "and other acts.These provisions closely related to usHeavy pollution days, limit, stop, outdoor sports activitiesWhether the vehicle limit line, if you want to stop outdoor activities when pollution is serious, the content of public concern are clearly defined in the draft of the vote. When severe atmospheric pollution, the occurrence or possible occurrence of an emergency endangering human health and safety, local people's governments above the county level shall promptly launched the emergency plan, the implementation of emergency response measures in accordance with the eight warning level:1, ordering the companies to stop production or limited production; 2, limit part motor vehicle; 3, ban 

    fireworks; 4, stop or restrict the construction site dust prone operations; 5, prohibit outdoor barbecue; 6, stop kindergartens and schools outdoor sports activities; 7, stop organized outdoor sports activities and other outdoor activities organized by the group; 8, other emergency response measures at the national and provincial regulations."Limited license" required 30 days in advance announcementTo control air pollution, November 29, 2013 Provincial People's Congress passed the "Jiangsu Province motor vehicle exhaust pollution prevention and control regulations" on the vehicle population has special requirements. Yangzi Evening News reporter noted that the vote draft reaffirmed the reasonable control of the vehicle population problem.Vote on draft states: "city divided into districts, county (city) governmentnike air max 1 cheap  can be based on the needs and economic and social development planning air pollution control, urban planning, the reasonable control of the vehicle population, limiting urban motorcycle ownership."About Nanjing will limit licensing issue, had a variety of wind constantly, especially in Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, "the night limit card", Nanjing, there had been queuing to buy a new car on the card crazy scene, people worry whether Nanjing will "midnight chicken called. " In this regard, the vote draft clearly states that "to take measures to control the vehicle population, should be open for public comments, the same level People's Congress Standing Committee of the General Assembly, and in the implementation of previously 

    announced to the public on the 30th," "blocked" this possibility.Both sides of the roads, residential ban outdoor barbecueAs delicious diners sought after on the tongue after eating outdoor barbecue is not capricious. Vote on draft clearly states:. "Ban on both sides of the city primary and secondary roads, residential areas and parks, management and maintenance of other units designated barbecue area in the green outdoor barbecue food."If the violation of the open-air barbecue food will be divided into districts of the city and county (city) government to determine the administrative departments shall order correction, more than 500 yuan to 2,000 yuan fine.Catering for the public to reflect the strong fumes issue is also related to the vote draft stipulates that "non-residential buildings and other commercial buildings, residential and commercial complex building is not planning to set up a dedicated support flue, commercial and residential building and residential layer adjacent floor" three regional ban on new or expanded programs catering soot emissions.If you break the rules, ordered by the city divided into districts, county (city) government to determine the administrativnike air huarache mens  e department of corrections; refuse to correct, ordered to shut down, 10,000 yuan and impose a fine of not more than 100,000 yuan.Not just set off fireworksFor the public to reflect the strong fireworks issue voting draft also made clear: "city divided into districts, county (city) government in accordance with the actual situation in their respective administrative areas, determine to restrict or ban fireworks time, place and species is prohibited illegal fireworks. "In addition, "open burning of straw", "prohibits open burning in the urban