Concrete skateparks are the standard in the industry

  • These designs are very complex and physically demanding to build, but well worth the effort to its success. Every step in this process must be fully understood and done to perfection to get the best results. This will provide an extra strong surface which will be stronger than most driveways and keep cracking to a minimum. Previously, skaters would find an empty concrete swimming pool and try to skate it, this eventually led to wooden skate ramps and 'tubes' which had a better geometric design but led to wood splintering, and easy breakage. The construction will include 4000 psi concrete to a minimum depth of four inches.

    Concrete skateparks are the standard in the industry. Look around you where ever you are you will undoubtedly see concrete.

    Concrete gives an attractive, smooth and easily maintained surface for skateboarding which makes concrete parks safer than other options.. Quality will be determined by the attention to detail through out the construction.

    The showpieces of any skatepark are the bowls and transitional elements such as snake runs. Keep in mind, small hairline cracks in the concrete will not affect the smooth ride of the wheels of a skateboard.

    Building a skatepark made of concrete is a specialized, highly intensive endeavor. The concrete as a material requires less repairs and little to no maintenance and is far more suitable to skateboarding. Keeping control of the amount of poured concrete will save time and money in the long run. This is an area where a professional will be of value. All the attention to detail in the beginning of your skatepark design and construction such as grinding high spots and patching cannot be changed later on in the construction. It is a huge job to erect a skatepark so it's best to start small and split the construction into smaller components. It is a structural necessity in most of the industrial world. Here in North America, communities are opening their minds to the idea that skateparks have physical and psychological benefits to the individual as well as the community. Bring a skatepark to your neighborhood and you will bring all ages of the community together. Concrete skateparks involve the skaters and community and draws all into every civic process and cements their ties to the community. As you can see there are a lot of costs to the construction of a concrete skatepark, but its still far less than building a new athletic facility, with more buzz too. Another facet concrete can provide in bringing communities together is designing and producing a skatepark in your area. Worldwide, China is boasting the largest skatepark in the world; India is working on their own models. Skateparks are popping up in communities and countries around the world. You will be building a large concrete form specifically designed and engineered for the sport of skateboarding so having a well informed skateboard consultant will definitely help too. Concrete skateparks do cost money, approximately $20-25 (US) per square foot. From buildings to roads, highways and infrastructure concrete brings us all together. This price will include design fees, construction material and labor. For structural support, a number 3 rebar (3/8 inch) placed in 12 inch increments is best. The logical next step undoubtedly was to design and develop a concrete skate park with half-pipes, vertical ramps, quarter pipes, handrails, stairs etc.

    Building a public skatepark in your area will undoubtedly bring the community together with the skaters. Don't forget the other necessities though; power and water need to be brought to the site, as well as lighting, fencing, bathrooms and landscaping. This will be poured over 4 inches of compacted gravel.There are many uses for concrete in our world. They are all included in the building process such as organizing, fundraising and design. This is especially an area where an expert filter press Manufacturers is needed, designers, structural engineers and contractors.