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  • conditions, traffic developed, living standards and education gap with Europe is high, a serious loss of population, a lot of land to be idle. In fact, the Russian government on the development of the Far East for a long time. The Russian government has been actively planning thnew balance 577 sale  onomic Development submitted by the Federal Government on the use of Bianxiang year in September in Vladivostok APEC summit hosted by the machine to attract foreign investment, and its low price to foreign rental Far East farmland. For foreign investment and foreign labor by injection, to achieve development and revitalization of the Far East.The proposed "land donated plan" is actually a variant of the extension and development policy in the Far East. But with the previous difference is that this is a land-grant programs for residents now living in the Far East, and intends to move to the Far East Russian citizens live. Thus, Russia aims to attract domestic residents reflux and migrate through the program. In addition to local residents to get more benefits, to retain the local population's purpose, but on the other hand, the Russian government also hopes to make use of idle land resources in the Far East, in order to alleviate the situation in the Russian economy as a whole to provide some support malaise.The draft is still under discussion whether to implement the future is uncertainRussian media reported that Putin basically endorsed the proposa

    l, saying, "The idea itself is correct, and (the practice) has been realized in Siberia in Russian history." However, Putin also stressed that the plan involves a series of related issues, and instructed relevant departments to study carefully. In other words, the current draft of the plan is only a recommendation to the President of Russia Russian officials raised, still in the deliberations, and have not been implemented, when it can be put into practice is unknown.In addition, this proposed draft and no promise of complimentary land will be equipped with the necessary infrastructure, so accustomed to living in the city of the Russian people, this one ha "white land" not a big attraction. From the end of World War II to the present, the structure of the various forces on the Korean Peninsula new balance 1500 uk and in Northeast Asia is extremely concentrated in the Korean peninsula. The case is now the north and south sides are willing to achieve peaceful reunification, the manner in which eventual reunification has become the focus of neighboring countries, on the Korean peninsula has a political, military and economic interests, but also directly affect the security and peace in Northeast Asia.Korean reunification under the umbrella of the risk of confrontationNorth and South Korea have been split for 70 years, each took a different path of development in different ideological and political systems. Although the North and the South would like to achieve unity, but they do not want to abandon their ideas and institutions. Under these conditions, if we force the 

    other to accept their ideas and institutions, is bound to lead to war, would seriously threaten peace and stability in Northeast Asia.Whether past or present, the geopolitical position of the Korean Peninsula has not changed. Everywhere around the country, and the stakes complicated, so the geographical features of the Korean Peninsula from the point of view, you can make big powers fighting each other, you can also make a settlement. If the North-South confrontation battle, then big countries will be involved; and if the North-South recnew balance 999 uk ct that may occur. Similarly, between the North and the South because of the institutional confrontation triggered if the same family quarrel, then neighboring countries will be involved, and if the North-South reunification through peaceful means, then the Korean peninsula could become mitigation strategies confrontation between the neighboring countries buffer zone.Recently the United States in order to contain and curb other countries, is promoting a new Asia-Pacific strategy, while the Korean peninsula has become the main stage, while the neighboring countries to strengthen the strategic response to this end and extensive cooperation to carry out all the time, the Korean peninsula unified way for Northeast Asia security The dependence is more prominent. After 2012 the United States proposed a new defense strategy, annually sending aircraft carriers to the waters surrounding the Korean Peninsula South Korea trilateral US-Japan joint military exercises at sea, and stepping up the tripartite ready to deploy a missile defense system.In thi