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  • hen the Korean nation would not imitate other countries established the concept of unity, there is no need for recognition to the relevant external forces, but will not lead to confrontation and war, only to go On the road to coexistence national unity.In particular, the current south Korean authorities while performing other agreement between North and South, but should respect and cherish the three principles of the reunification of the motherland. As long as the Korean people together, there will be no do not do. If you solve all the probl new balance 996 mens    ems between North and South on the basis of national unity of the Charter and outline together, we can in the common interests of all the Korean people, the most honorable, the most successful solution to the issue of reunification.Unified way the two institutions will bring a positive impact on the coexistence of Northeast AsiaAnd the North-South agreement on "10 · 4 of the Declaration," "the June 15 Joint Declaration" of the improvement of North-South relations and to achieve a unified approach in terms of a word is to coexist two institutions, peace improve relations and achieve unity.From a political and military point of view, only in the Korean peninsula and the establishment of peace truce suspension system, in order to eliminate the hostile relations and achieve unity, which has been the de facto concept. But if the North-South co-exist with the two institutions to promote a unified approach to the process, then the truce and hostile relations will lose its raison d'être, peaceful environment will 

    naturally come.The coexistence of the two institutions would have a national commitment to the Korean peninsula surrounding national unity neutrality issue, the process will break against the security structure in Northeast Asia, the new security architecture to protect peace will come about.From an economic perspective, the coexistence of two unified system not only on the Korean Peninsula, Northeast Asia will be to bring great benefits. Currently, the region emerged various bilateral and multilateral economic cooperation initiatives, namely railways  new balance 670 womens  , highways, gas pipelines, electricity network connectivity, energy, underground resources and ports, SEZ development, and environmental cooperation, etc., are all based on the Korean peninsula and North-South relations as a prerequisite for stability. So to advance by way of the North and South have agreed to co-exist with the peaceful reunification of the two institutions will cooperate to meet these needs in the region, but also can create prosperity on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia. Even able to expand to other countries, including Europe and other regions of the world to participate in the Korean Peninsula Economic cooperation possibilities and space.Therefore, the North and South have agreed to smooth the way to solve the reunification issue, this is to create a peaceful environment on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia, promoting and expanding universal prescription regional economic cooperation.All of these have proved the correctness of the first chairman of the National 

    Defense Commission Kim Jong-un in the beloved 2015 New Year message mentioned in the unified thought. He pointed out in his message, the North and South not to be their own ideas and institutions absolute pursuit of institutional confrontation, but to follow the agreements reached beyond the ideas and institutions to solve the problem of reunification based on the common interests of the nation.System based on the coexistence of two unified the peninsula, is the most peaceful, the most reasonable way to solve the problem of the Korea new balance 580 womens n Peninsula, but also let the world praised the wisdom of the Korean nation, the only way to increase further develop the Korean conflict in the eastern Ukrainian national honor, the army and civil armed groups were recruiting. Ukrainian army recruiting three-stage plan announced plans to recruit 50,000 women do not rule out compulsory enlistment. In addition, the Ukrainian government announced that the Russian people to tighten immigration restrictions, starting from the 1st of next month, the Russian people can no longer rely on the ID card to enter Ukraine and Russia need to use overseas immigration passport.Leaders of non-governmental armed groups in eastern Ukraine Klitschko Zahar said on Tuesday, intends to recruit 100 000 Volunteers. Kiev peace talks between the Government and militias held recently in the capital of Belarus Minsk rupture, Zahar Klitschko immediately announced plans conscription 100,000, contend the government forces.Earlier, the Ukrainian parliament approved last month conscript