A Few General Rules About FIFA 16 Video

  • This thread is for all types of video to do with FIFA 16 Coins. Whether you want to show off your latest goals, skills or any other FIFA 16 video then this is the thread for you. Even if you didn't make the video you can still post it in this thread as long as you credit the creator/uploader of the video.



    A few general rules:


    1. Always credit the creator/uploader of the FUT 16 Coins video.
    2. Embed videos using bb code. Just enter the url as follows (make sure it is in this exact format - note the http not https).
    3. Do not advertise at all. No asking for subscribers/thumbs up.
    4. Make sure your videos comply with all the other forum rules.


    Posts breaking these 4 simple rules will be removed but other than that almost anything is allowed. So if you have a video to post please try to use this thread. As I mentioned this thread is a trial so if you have any feedback about it then send me.