MapleStory 2 in Western Beta 2 from July 18 to August 1

  • At the start May, the Nexon group kicked off the very first closed beta session of MapleStory 2 within the West and promised to reopen the exam servers in July. Today, the studio is somewhat more precise and details the terms on this beta 2: tests is going to be held from July 18 to August 1, because of their batch of recent content.

    In bulk, we understand that this beta 2 marks the opening with the shop (for testing purposes, we're told, with non definitive rates), but must integrate dozens of latest quests especially various varieties of high-level dungeons, so for players that have already progressed in the beta 1. We can so try the Hard Adventure dungeons, much stronger compared to dungeons Basic Adventure - we shall face the bumps to four players without longer at ten. The Shadow Altar raid, already obtainable in Beta 1, is back, but here again its difficulty may be increased (designed to be a "little dungeon level 30" in beta 1, and modified to produce a raid for ten players level 50 in beta 2). Top players (solo at level 50) can also be able to Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos seek to survive in specific dungeons swept by 30 successive waves of monsters which will have to become pushed back and even venture into "treasure dungeons", labyrinths stuffed with traps and dangers but containing treasures that any of us are promised very attractive.
    This beta 2 will unlock a brand new temporary game mode, the Royal Battle Royale, for 50 players who compete in a very confined space prior to the last survivor plus in which it is going to be possible to climb the walls, jump by Above obstacles, hide inside the bushes or increase the strength of his character by facing monsters. Players who accomplish this Mushking Royale mode will win unlocked cosmetic items when the experience is released.

    For the curious, registrations because of this phase of closed Beta Western are open within the official website, as of this address - the developer said hello is useless to re-register as we have already registered for Beta 1. Invitations are going to be distributed, especially on internet sites. You can keep eyes on which is essentially the most reliable activity store to present amounts of cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos online.