Path of Exile: At last the meaning and purpose of the scarabs i

  • The upcoming league of Path of Exile, which is nicknamed "Betrayal", brings some new features: new masters, Atlas Objectives, and the Immortal Syndicate are just a part of it. In a subordinate clause, the developers had also announced POE Currency something they did not explain - scarabs (Scarabs).

    Because in the blog entry to the new masters the sentence "Note that you can use Sextants and trade for Prophecies or Scarabs to run Delve more frequently". Translation: "Note that you can use sextants and get prophecies or scarabs via trade to make Delve missions more often". The joke of it is, however, that up to this sentence has never spoken of a scarab.

    The community was at once puzzled what the beetles in Path of Exile will be. In the days following the announcement, the developers have repeatedly published small teasers via Twitter, for example, a 3D photo shows models for scarab trinkets:

    Scarabs as powerful tools for the atlas of Path of Exile

    But now the beetle is finally out of the bag: the scarab is an object that players can apply to the maps of the atlas. This places them next to orbs, which make cards less frequent and sextants that add more effects to the card. On Twitter, the developers of Grinding Gear Games revealed how the effects of the scarabs can look like:

    Possible scarabs in the Betrayal League of Path of Exile

    Lead Developer Chris Wilson has also revealed details about the scarabs in the subreddit of Path of Exile: they drop out of the crates of the living area in the Immortal Syndicate shelters. Players can get three different variants, depending on the rank of the corresponding syndicate member. We influence this through our actions before attacking the safehouse. For the best scarabs, so also effort is needed, but we should also be able to influence the amount of scarab in a safehouse.

    Path of Exile's Betrayal League will launch on December 7th for PC and on December 14th for PS4 and Xbox One. For more information on the Grinding Gear Games action RPG, visit Path of Exile's theme page. Furthermore, if you would like to buy Cheap POE Items, visit the site MMOAH enjoying best service!