Betrayal is the new expansion of Path of Exile; watch the trail

  • Developer and publisher Grinding Gear Games has unveiled the upcoming free expansion of POE Currency Path of Exile, Betrayal. See the trailer above.

    The expansion will place players on a hunt for members of the Immortal Syndicate organization, with the goal of finding the leader of the group.

    The adventure, however, does not require that all members of the group necessarily be eliminated: it is possible to interrogate them, bargain with them and even encourage them to betray their allies in the process.

    In total, there will be 18 members of the group to be faced, each with their own personalities, rivalries and friendships - that can be used to manipulate the character and to advance the mission.

    The expansion arrives on December 7 for the PC and on December 10 for the consoles. If you want to learn more about POE Goods, please continue to keep an eye on MMOAH.