Path of Exile PS4 postponed to February

  • Path of Exile was scheduled for early December on PlayStation 4, but will arrive only in February.

    The PS4 version of this action RPG has been delayed due to issues in the certification process and now, it will take more time for Grinding Gear Games to get approved.

    Through the official website of the game, Grinding Gear Games apologized for the delay.

    "We underestimated the work required to complete the certification process during the POE Currency busy Christmas period," the studio said.

    "Although we expect to have everything ready in January, we are more comfortable promising a release in early February. This will give us time to work on the performance / frame ratio of the game, something we feel needs improvement before launch."

    "We are sorry that many PlayStation players wanted to play Betrayal during Christmas and were eagerly awaiting news of the launch." We promised that Path of Exile will be spectacular on PlayStation 4 when it arrives early next year. "

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