Betrayal announced - another addition to the Path of Exile

  • Studio Grinding Gear Games announced another free add-on (a large update) to the Path of Exile, with the subtitle Betrayal. The production will focus on the investigation of the mysterious organization Immortal Syndicate.

    Studio Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile: Betrayal - another expansion to the titled, free hack'n'slasha from 2013, which will debut on December 7 on PC, December 10 on Xbox One, and a moment later - in the middle of the month - also on PlayStation 4 (along with the entire game). In this production, we will help Jun Ortoi in the investigation of the mysterious POE Currency organization Immortal Syndicate: we will try to discover the identity of the members, as well as find and defeat the leader. Of course, given the nature of the title in question, the investigation will require the murder of legions of opponents - the creators plan to add a few rather unusual mechanics to the game, as for this genre.

    What are we talking about? For example, we will be able to manipulate members of the syndicate. In each location of the game, we encounter one of 18 people belonging to the organization. They are part of one of the four divisions (Fortification, Research, Transportation and Intervention) and have their own personality, friends and enemies. During the fight, the opponent may receive support from allies or be attacked by rivals inside the syndicate. After the end of the match we will be given the opportunity to decide how we want to continue the investigation. You will be able to kill the defeated enemy, interrogate him or try to get along - for example, convince the prisoner to betray his fellow men.

    Path of Exile is a hack'n'slash, widely regarded as one of the best games in the history of this genre - it is characterized by an extraordinary level of expansion, offering players an almost infinite number of character development opportunities. The production debuted on the PC a little over five years ago. Last year, an edition dedicated to Xbox One was released, and recently we learned that in December the title will also be available on PlayStation 4. And you can get POE Trade from the site of MMOAH.