Path of Exile Characters

  • Path of Exile features seven primary character classes, details (the Scion) unlocks after completing Act 3. They all have a number of subclasses, called Ascendancy classes. We played as three classes at E3: the Templar, Duelist, and Witch.

        Duelist: My favorite on the characters I tried, he fights with melee attacks and may also summon POE Currency an AI minion to battle alongside him.
        Templar: Fires projectiles, including three balls of lightning at the same time and a chain lightning attack.
        Witch: A female spellcaster with higher intelligence.
        Ranger: She relies on a bow and is particularly extremely dexterous, but they can wield swords also.
        Marauder: A melee fighter with tremendous strength.
        Shadow: A dexterous and intelligent fighter, he uses short-range weapons and traps during battle.
        Scion: Can develop into virtually any character build due to Path of Exile's deep skill system. This makes her a high level character, and she or he must be unlocked later in the action. Now more ways to buy bargain POE Goods, as an example, visit official MMOAH site.