Fut Players Disappointments in fifa 15

  • 2015 is here and we are still playing FIFA 15. It is the best FIFA franchise ever, but it drives us crazy sometimes. Few days ago, 100K fIFA 15 coins was released and now it is over. The best players of the yeas, this FIFA has brought us some disappointments regarding the players. There are some players can still be good for trades though their real life performance is crap, they are still the best alternatives.

    Buffon, was one of the best goalkeepers on FIFA 13, went through a bit of a decline on FIFA 14 and now he’s a mere FIFA 15 bargain goalkeeper. The low price means exactly that he’s no longer one to be trusted. All he’s got left is name and the never ending fails if you insist on keeping him instead of getting Handanovic or even the Diego Lopez.

    Vidic, the Serbian has never been fast, although he used to be the king of air balls and the best defensively speaking if we talk about the last FIFA. However, it looks like he’s lost all of his powers. A player that used to go for 40K can now be bought for 850 coins. They only reason why he’s still an option is because the Serie A lacks good centre-backs.

    David Luiz. Everyone already knew he goes up front too much, however he was remarkable on the defence. Used to win all the challenges. Now anyone can get past him. He’s still a good centre-back, we don’t really have many options for the French league or Brazilian nationality.

    Ashley Cole. When the English left-back moved from Chelsea to Roma, we were excited to have a good defender for the left side in the Serie A. However, he’s lost speed and defensive power and on practice, and even there being just 3 leftbacks in the league.

    Micah Richards, do you remember that fast and reliable BPL right back? Look at what happened too. He moved to the Serie A and completely lost his qualities. Even his picture got worse, on FIFA 14 he was all smiley, now he’s just not the same with this sad face, and it tragically makes sense since no one uses him any more.

    What do you feel disappointed for FIFA 15? Will you continue to play FIFA 15 though it is not what you want? As for us, http://www.coininfifa.co is still worth to play with our friends.