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  • Get your hatchets prepared for Woodcutting XP within the skilling to DarkScape Gold cup whereas it's the mighty Queen Black Dragon that sets the challenge within the Boss Cup.
    To get your T-shirts, head in game and visit the Upgrade & Extras window, choose the RS Bonds possibility and click on Redeem Bonds to examine the shirt possibility.But hurry! there is solely a restricted quantity of codes and T-shirts out there, therefore get your T-shirts with Bonds whereas stocks last!Clan updateThis week additionally sees the start of the kinship group Cup with each Skilling Cup and Boss Cups beginning in earnest as Clans attempt to urge to the highest of the table!
    The Ninjas are extra-busy, conveyance you a bumper batch of Buy RS Goldfixes, tweaks and new rewards for paw of Guthix and a centralised answer for RuneScape's array of toggles.Read on to search out out more!Fist of GuthixIf you haven't vie if before, paw of Guthix could be a multiplayer minigame wherever players to RS DarkScape Gold alternate being hunter and afraid, chasing down their quarry or gathering the maximum amount primal energy as they will.