Many bug fixes in fortnite weapons

  • Epic Games has announced many bug fixes in fortnite weapons recent weeks, but many players are still undecided as to why their Deadfire skin has apparently changed and nothing was done . Many clients have purchased the reactive outfit skin, and this might formerly change colors.

    Now, however, they're wondering whether or not there wasn't any point in buying it, even after realizing that the colour changing feature they paid for has actually been removed.The issue has existed for a couple of weeks now and disgruntled clients have been posting about it on the Fortnite BR subreddit, expressing their worries.

    "I spent 2000 V-Bbucks back in October for the Fortnite Items for sale Deadfire skin since I loved the way the epidermis evolves into the ghost form, however, it changes colours! I truly hope this is a bug and not on purpose" said user Memeist1. Other fans, however, have went a step farther and believe that Epic ought to be looking to fix it as soon as you can, or take other steps.

    "I paid cash for a product. And the item is altered making it far worse. "With modifications to the horizon, as the next v7.10 content update is on the way, many players will be anticipating the programmer to repair this issue as soon as possible. However, there has been no official word from Epic about this issue - especially - because of this time, leaving many fans questioning whether that is a bug or a significant change to your epidermis.