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  • With the support of all R4zor, the very best nba 2k20 mt modder in the world, I made a vision of what a league game can look like--by a player-recognition perspective. 2K has the capability to do what no additional eSport can. It can create a virtual environment where all of its eSports athletes seem just like the character they are controlling. This could be a move for many different reasons. Aside from the fact that it simply looks cool, it would also assist the players construct their personal brand.

    That facial recognition allows every player to cheap nba 2k20 mt coins individualize themselvesand as we have seen in real-life basketball, that individuality is key when it comes to setting celebrity power.That's something that both the players and league should be interested in cultivating. As of this moment, the top pick in the draft doesn't stick out significantly enough in the last player picked. There are some basic issues with the game that have to be addressed to completely remedy that aspect, but that is simply a visual representation that may be impacting.

    Envision the 2K League with an official Scan Day following the draft. It could turn into an yearly tradition and another landmark moment for incoming players. The team and 2K could create traffic on social websites by posting side-by-side shots of each player's actual photo and their scan. It feels like a win-win situation. Now, I'm wondering why it did not happen going into Season 2.