I played about a game and a half of Fut 20 Coins

  • Away from The Journey-replacing Volta style and the remainder of FIFA 20's changes - at least the ones - are very much below the hood. The PR conquer is the 3 chunks - on off the ball , the ball, and the ball - in which its own has split in to segments.

    I played about a game and a half of Fut 20 Coins (in less than ideal circumstances against a FIFA newbie, sadly), so take my impressions as very tentative at best, but the most of the lengthy bullet point lists of minutia (we have a FIFA 20 manual for all those, if you're dead eager ) add up to a obvious thing: the game is a lot slower.

    Pace was tweaked to make quicker players feel like quicker players, AI defending has been nerfed, and being in charge of the ball was tweaked to at least try to be cheap FIFA 20 Coins fun. The consequence of that is that the spacing of these players on the pitch was spread out, so as to set up more"one-on-one" scenarios where you are not crowded outside and bundled off the ball at the middle of the pitch.

    The chunk - subject of a physics rework - moves slower and not as predictably, bobbling off the turf and your shins and moving according to its spin. Moving it is deliberate - strikes feel probing prior to a sudden cut through the backlines with in pass, which is a plus.