Runescape gold those wondering

  • But at this rate, I'm rambling. Hopefully I at least reminded some people of this game which was.And... for Runescape gold those wondering, I never did meet up with my friend... but the memories I have of this game are about just as great, if not better... All things considered, I can not keep in mind that guys name.

    In this post I'm mainly going to talk about the Clan p2p facet of Runescape, as that is exactly what I had been involved in.

    I played Runescape in the mid 00s lasted around 5 years from approximately 02-07. In this time I discovered the most amazing collections of individuals, and was a part of their very unique community. I wasn't really about the pve stuff except to old school runescape accounts make vast sums of gold, to which I used to wage war with my clan members and proceed on pk trips, and duel folks. I used to have photos of my bank account on my old pc, which can be long gone.

    I played with the first Runescape around 28, so that I don't understand what the Clan life was like on RSC, but furthermore on Runescape 2.